What is the Providence Cup?


The Providence Cup is the nation’s premier two-day mock trial tournament in which high school teams compete for prestigious awards.  The Cup prides itself on both the fact that the Cup case is always based upon a fact pattern of historical significance (The Sinking of the Titanic, The Linbergh Baby Kidnapping, The Murder of Emmett Till, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the airline hijacking by DB Cooper, and the death of Jon Benet Ramsey), as well as the Cup uses a tri-furcated judging system (lawyers, law students, and lay people). Additionally, as coaches collectively state, the Cup is the perfect “kick off to the annual mock trial year.


In early September, registered teams receive the Cup case. Teams can consist of 4 to 8 students, preparing both sides of the case for trial presentation.  Teams are guaranteed at least 4 rounds during the tournament.  The Annual Cup concludes on Saturday night with a festive Final Banquet where both individual and team awards are presented. 



How to Participate:


Do you have a team ready to sign up?  CLICK on the CUP Registration Tab on the Home Page or email info@provlaw.org.  The CUP case, competition rules, dress code, etc will be sent to the coach listed on the registration.  Any questions should be emailed to info@provlaw.org.  



Details of the Cup:


♦LOCATION:  The Providence Cup is held in Denver, Colorado, at the UNIVERSITY OF DENVER STURM COLLEGE OF LAW (Friday morning / afternoon) and the DENVER DISTRICT COURTHOUSE (Saturday morning / afternoon).   

2017 DATES:  Friday, October 20th through Saturday, October 21st

COST:  The registration fee for the Cup is $600 for a team of 4 students plus 2 coaches. Additional members may be added (up to a total of 8 team members) at a fee of $110 per additional team member  (including time keepers) and $75 for each additional coach.  The registration fee covers the courthouse, trophies/awards, t-shirts, "Day at DU", lunch on Friday and Saturday, judges, and the celebration/awards banquet.


***Early registration discount, $550 for a 4 member team plus 2 coaches, and $100 per additional team member and $65 for each additional coach,  if paid by July 1, 2017.*** 



Tournament Champions

Team Finalists

Team Semi-Finalists (4) 

Team Professionalism Award (voted on by CUP participants)

Team Spirit Award

Outstanding Attorneys (3)

Outstanding Witnesses (3)

Outstanding Coach Award

Team members do not have to be from the same school. 

Each team has 2 attorneys and 2 witnesses perform in each round.

Teams prepare both a prosecution and a defense case. 

Case, tournament rules, and detailed schedule released Monday, September 4, 2017.